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Stay Woke (Medium Roast)

Stay Woke (Medium Roast)

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12oz. bags of Alpha Brew Stay Woke Roast

  • Single Origin coffee: no blends, no vagueness.
  • Colombian coffee medium roasted for a smooth, bold cup of coffee that makes you question why you ever put up with burnt toast tastes your entire life.

We are sourcing some of the very best coffee you can find.

Many parts of the world with the best coffee are also very dangerous for women. This coffee is sourced from a socially conscious co-op that exclusively employs women.  For every bag you purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to local farming families and towards educational initiatives that empower girls and women in their villages. 


    **All ground coffees currently do not have Savagely Strong nootropics, due to COVID supply chain issues.  We apologize for the inconvenience**