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3-Pack Good Vibes Roast 12oz.

3-Pack Good Vibes Roast 12oz.

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3-Pack of Good Vibes Roast at a savings!

This may be the ultimate product we sell.  Good Vibes Roast is the future of coffee and wellness.

This roast is a single origin Tanzanian Peaberry. It is quite a special coffee.  A coffee cherry almost always produces two beans, slightly split apart.  Tanzanian Peaberry only produces one bean in each cherry, concentrating the immense amount of robustness and deep flavor of two beans into one.

Each bag contains 500mg active ingredient at a price no one else can beat. This coffee will deliver an insanely powerful and smooth energy.  Good Vibes is on the leading edge of nootropic coffee that offers:

  • anti-inflammation benefits
  • aid with anxiety, depression, and sleep issues
  • aid in pain relief

We HIGHLY recommend you use a metal filter for this product in order for maximum flavor and effectiveness, but it is not necessary.

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