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About Us

We are veterans and law enforcement officers.  Alpha Brew Coffee's co-founder Ricky never drank coffee.  It tasted like crap, and he knew too many people who relied on caffeine physically to drag them through their day.  He didn't want to be addicted to a stimulant that had a quick point of diminishing returns.  People had to drink more and more coffee only to receive less and less energy.

Ricky became interested in coffee after hearing an expert rave about how an Ethiopian coffee tasted like lemons, which was clearly impossible since coffee tastes bitter.  He ordered some high quality Ethiopian coffee and was hooked.  But he knew drinking coffee for energy was a short-lived road.  Great coffee tastes amazing without cream and sugar, but it has massive downsides.

The caffeine from coffee maybe lasts a few hours, accompanied with jitters and a crash of energy thereafter.  This cues another cup of coffee. And another, and another.  This triggered the concept for Alpha Brew Coffee: coffee infused with effective nootropics that will deliver far better energy and focus, no jitters or crash.  Combine this with high quality Single Origin coffee that tastes amazing on its own, and you can enjoy drinking less coffee, with more benefit.

Military, Law Enforcement, and Responders can now drink coffee that will actually support their mission and have their backs.

Alpha Brew Coffee's ultimate mission is to improve the productivity, performance, and habits of our war fighters, defenders, and Americans who need to crush each and every day.  This includes donating portions of profits to aid our veterans with PTSD Therapy.  The biggest battle for our troops is post-deployment/enlistment, and we aim to provide our veterans with the aid and tools they deserve.