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Stay Woke (Medium Roast)
Stay Woke (Medium Roast)

Stay Woke (Medium Roast)

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12oz. bags of Alpha Brew Stay Woke Roast

  • Single Origin coffee: no blends, no vagueness.
  • Guatemalan coffee medium roasted for a smooth, bold cup of coffee that makes you question why you ever put up with burnt toast tastes your entire life.
  • True vacuum seal removes over 99% oxygen + nitrogen flush to get the rest and preserve the precious cargo.
  • Medium grind ideal for drip machines, pour over, and Aeropress brew methods.
  • Coarse grind ideal for French press.

Savagely Strong Coffee: The Answer to Smarter Coffee

Our savagely strong ground coffee is infused with nootropics for better energy and focus without the jitters and crash. Our formula includes:

L-Taurine: improves brain function, reduces stress, optimizes the nervous system, increase VO2 max.

Glucuronolactone: improve reaction time and concentration, increase endurance and decrease fatigue.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT): Improve mood, improve reaction to stress, counteract fatigue and crash associated with caffeine intake.

Chocamine: increased and prolonged energy/focus, reduce reaction time, improve circulation, less affect on sleep than caffeine.