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Savage Trio Coffee Pack
Savage Trio Coffee Pack
Savage Trio Coffee Pack

Savage Trio Coffee Pack

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When you’re not sure which coffee you want, so you just say “yes”.

This Savage Trio Pack includes:

(1) Recon Roast

(1) Stay Woke Roast

(1) Get Lost Roast


We are sourcing some of the very best coffee you can find in the world.

Most parts of the world that have great coffee, can also be very dangerous places to exist for women. We are sourcing our coffee from Co-Ops that employ only women. For every bag they sell to us, a portion goes directly to local farmer families for educational opportunity initiatives to empower girls in the villages by providing them with academic support, leadership development, and community engagement opportunities in an inclusive environment.


**All ground coffees currently do not have Savagely Strong nootropics, due to COVID supply chain issues.  We apologize for the inconvenience**