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Your biggest time and energy waster you don’t know about…

Your biggest time and energy waster you don’t know about…


If you said social media, you’re wrong. If you said screen time or television, you’re also wrong. The thing that wastes the most time and energy from you each and every day is: decision-making. On average you make 35,000 decisions a day. THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. Most of us can’t even fathom a number that big. Can you imagine what 35,000 pens looks like? You have a mental, or even a physical list of stuff that just never seems to be completed. You’re exhausted at points throughout the day for seemingly no reason. Your mind constantly has to make decisions, and even the seemingly insignificant ones that take milliseconds add up. Your brain is like a factory, and every decision is a product that needs to be manufactured. Our brain is designed to handle two stressful things: chase down food and run away from predators. We are not built to handle all of these very small, low-grade stressors. So when your factory (brain) has to deal with 35,000 products (decisions), it gets completely backed up and fatigued.


If you can change a few habits, you’ll greatly free up your resources.




Food is easily one of the most powerful motivators or variables we have. This alone will eat up 200+ decisions a day, but it also can cause us a lot of stress and grief when we are caught without many options or we are trying to eat healthy. Preparing your meals ahead of time is going to save an insane amount of headaches and stress, and it can be SUPER easy. As a parent and solopreneur that also has a full-time job, I almost exclusively use my Instant Pot and my air fryer oven. Nom Nom Paleo has my favorite Instant Pot Recipes that is insanely good and easy to make. If you even make two entrée recipes per week, you’ll easily have enough food for the week. The best part about a pressure cooker is the ability to throw everything in and simply walk away. This leaves me more time to get work done or play with my kid, without having to keep an eye on a pan. The same thing is said for the Air Fryer Oven. You don’t need either of these devices; you can easily just cook with a few pans and pots and crank out 2-3 recipes for the week and alternate between the two.


But what if I need more variety!?


If you think you need to alternate between more than two meals per week (I always make the same breakfast for months at a time), you can trick your mind by simply dressing up the meals with different sauces and condiments. I always end up making a LOT of beef fried rice that’ll last me 4-5 days. I end up alternating between plain, adding sriracha, or adding more coconut aminos/soy sauce to the rice to change the flavor. Think of all the different marinades and sauces you can use to vary up meals: hot sauce, Sriracha, Tapatio, Cholula, BBQ, Ranch, Teriyaki, etc. The goal is simply to remove the constant “what should I get/make to eat?”


I absolutely hate/can’t cook


That’s fine. Cooking for the uninterested or uninitiated can be a lot to undertake. But if you’re not going to throw time/effort at a problem, then you need to throw money at it. There’s plenty of food prep delivery services out there that will make very healthy and varied meals delivered right to your door, or the nearest gym for the same price or cheaper than ordering delivery/takeout. It is the same result as making your own food: having a stack of meals in your freezer or fridge ready in 2-3 minutes via microwave and saving potentially hours a day figuring out what to eat.


That’s one step (and one of the most significant) toward reducing decision fatigue. Over the new few weeks we will add others and continue to slowly build upon changing our habits to free up an insane amount of brainpower and stress. Small changes are the best way to ensure long-lasting change and “compliance” to new plans and strategies.


Remember; don’t spend too much time in motion on this like we talked about last week! Decide on 2-3 meals or a meal prep service, and execute that plan ASAP. Go forth and free up time.