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Taurine Explained

We’ve all heard of Taurine at one point or another throughout our journey for health and fitness. If you haven’t, no need to worry, because we are about to explain what Taurine is, why it’s amazing, and why we put it in our ground coffee as part of our nootropic profile.

Taurine is an amino acid that’s present and required by most tissues of the body. It’s actually most present in the heart, brain, and the eyes. When researchers studied Japanese cultures that have the most longevity of any society on earth, they concluded that a diet rich in Taurine most likely contributed to their long, healthy lives.



The studies conducted on regards to Taurine’s effect on ADHD are mixed, but nonetheless the nootropic and biohacking community still supplements Taurine to help improve ADHD symptoms. Taurine acts as an agonist (something that initiates a response to a receptor) to GABA, which is another important amino acid that’s responsible for a host of processes and chemicals in the brain. One of GABA’s main roles is to decrease activity within the nervous system. This helps explain why people with ADHD experience benefits when they supplement daily with Taurine.



As we age, our brains become less efficient at producing GABA. One way to ensure that GABA production stays optimal throughout life is to have enough Taurine in our diets and supplementation. Taurine supplementation in aged mice showed a significant increase in memory formation and retention. While younger mice did not show an improvement in learning or memory retention, the cell-protective benefits that Taurine has very well may contribute to better aging, and thus an indirect benefit to memory and cognitive function.


Alzheimer’s disease has an association with neurons being overexcited. As we stated earlier, Taurine has the ability to calm down the nervous system. Studies have indeed shown that Taurine has the ability to block and down regulate some of these excitatory signals and have a positive effect on Alzheimer’s disease.


Taurine helps prevent the decrease of important chemicals in the brain like 5-HTP, dopamine, and noradrenaline. These chemicals are responsible for joy, happiness, energy, and sleep. Taurine changes the activity in the hippocampus of the brain that’s responsible for learning, emotions, and memory. Taurine has been shown in studies to alleviate depression by positively changing the activity of the hippocampus.


Heart Health

Taurine is very abundant in heart tissue. The amino acid actually helps improve ventricular health of the heart, and has been correlated with significantly reduced chance and incidence of heart disease in those with taurine-rich diets. Taurine has been shown to reduce the amount of tissue damage and oxidation that occurs in heart tissue.



Taurine is well known to improve endurance in physical exercise. Not only does it improve exercise endurance and performance in trained individuals, but it also had the same benefits for elderly individuals who were suffering from heart disease! 

Taurine also acts like an antioxidant, by directly and indirectly minimizing oxidative stress and damage to muscle tissues. This helps aid in recovery from intense physical training. It’s also effective in treating acute inflammation caused by damaged cells, such as an injury.


Taurine is an incredibly effective nootropic and health supplement. We put effective doses of Taurine into each single cup of Alpha Brew ground coffee for all the reasons mentioned above.