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Newsflash: Espresso Isn't Strong


What? Blasphemy. How is espresso not strong? That’s right, folks, espresso is weak. It may taste strong, but it just mostly a lot of bark. Espresso is strong per volume, but not in its overall content. If you had to fill an entire coffee mug with espresso, then yes, it’s an incredibly strong cup of coffee. One shot of espresso contains around 60-65mg of caffeine on average. A shot of espresso in the United States typically uses 7-9 grams of coffee. While a typical cup of drip coffee utilizes 20-25g coffee to yield 12oz. of black filtered coffee. A 12 oz. cup of our Ethiopian coffee that is a light roast contains 180mg of caffeine.   Most espressos are also made using a darker roasted coffee for a deeper flavor, whereas lighter roasts are typically avoided since they tend to produce a sour taste when used for espresso.

Not Just Caffeine Content


While many times a cold brew variant produces either the same amount of caffeine or less than its hot coffee variant, it actually has far more energy packed in. The hot water used to brew coffee will often strip away much of the caffeic acid and theobromine in your cup. These two powerful stimulants remain intact in cold brew, which explains the massive punch that cold brew gives over regular hot filter coffee.

What’s the Strongest?


The strongest would be a cold brew coffee you make in a french press or the cold brew system of your choice from one of our Nootropic Infused Coarse Grind coffees. Our Ethiopian Coarse Grind coffee is technically going to be the strongest since it provides the most caffeine, but in the end it should come down to your choice and preference on flavor. The Ethiopian is going to produce a cold brew coffee that is bright/vibrant (think the opposite of a syrupy or typical coffee) with light notes. Our Guatemalan coffee is going to produce a very smooth and balanced cold brew. Our darkest roast, the Yirgacheffe is going to produce a deep, rich, and bold cup of cold brew. The caffeine combined with the intact Theobromine and caffeic acid on top of our nootropics is the ultimate energy boost.


If you’re not in the cold brew mood, any of our Medium or Coarse grind coffees is still going to provide an effective dose of each of our natural amino acid nootropic supplements to provide longer energy, better focus, increased performance and recovery.