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How NALT fights sleep deprivation and stress

How NALT fights sleep deprivation and stress


N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is not a supplement or amino acid you’ll hear about often, but it’s incredibly important to have in your life. It’s an acetylated form of L-Tyrosine that’s purported to have a higher absorption rate. This is great considering L-Tyrosine is responsible for producing dopamine and noradrenaline, enhancing cognition, memory, mood, and mental performance. Our bodies produce NALT on its own, and we can also find it naturally in eggs, meat, fish, and nuts. But additional supplementation is very beneficial for those who constantly work in sleep deprived and stressful environments (oh so all of us…)


1. Anti-Stress


When our brain is under a lot of stress, it forces a reduction in natural tyrosine amounts and catecholamine (these are neurotransmitters for dopamine and adrenaline). This causes an imbalance of the neurotransmitters between dopamine and norepinephrine, which then cuases decreased memory performance, fatigue, and memory. NALT supplementation will actually increase adrenaline to a more balanced state and reverse the memory loss induced by stress. Gnarly, right?


2. Performance Under Stress


Not only does NALT improve memory and energy under stress, but it will also yield improvements physically and mentally under stress as well. It will reduce blood pressure while performing stressful tasks, allowing individuals to have a better grip on their adrenaline and be less likely to panic or choke. Military cadets during combat field training were supplemented with NALT and measured their performances before and after supplementation and were found to have far better improved performance of psychomotor and cognitive tasks under stress. This is crucial for those in stressful and dangerous lines of work where the safety of yourself and other people are at stake.


3. Productivity


NALT also contributes to improved awareness, productivity, and long-term memory performance on a daily basis. It’s theorized that the depletion of dopamine and norepinephrine transmitters will slowly cause the downward trend of these attributes that are often linked to “adrenal fatigue syndrome”. These symptoms and issues are what have caused such a massive spike in the abuse of coffee, energy drinks, and other drugs for focus and attention span. NALT is a very effective and natural way to keep the mind sharp and fresh,


4. ADHD Supplementation


For those with ADHD, a study that modulated the same precursors we mentioned earlier saw a significant improvement in ADHD symptoms. “In total, 67% of participants achieved significant improvement with only amino acid precursors of serotonin and dopamine. In patients who achieved no significant relief of symptoms with only amino acid precursors, OCT assay interpretation was utilized. In this subgroup, 30.3% achieved significant relief following two or three urine assays and dosage changes as recommended by the assay results. The total percentage of patients showing significant improvement was 77%.”


5.Prevents Caffeine Crash


One of the most important reasons we put effective doses of NALT into our ground coffee is to help prevent the energy crash associated with caffeine. It seems incredibly counterproductive to supplement something that will deliver energy for a few hours that is only going to end up also robbing you of energy afterward. NALT helps to offset the caffeine crash in energy you get from coffee, giving the best of both worlds.


For all of us who have a stressful life and do not get enough sleep, NALT is one of the superhero nootropics you can rely on. Our ground coffee has effective doses of NALT in each cup to provide you the performance and reinforcements you need to crush every aspect of your life.