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5 Wallets That'll Make Your Life Better

5 Wallets That'll Make Your Life Better


This article isn’t just for men either.  A majority of women are starting to ditch their purses due to the hassle of carrying around a junk drawer, and opting for more minimal and less invasive wallets.  The days of the Costanza wallet are over.  There are so many companies now producing insanely high quality and optimal-minimal wallets.  While the list is exhausting, we put together a few of our favorites based on some easy criteria. 


1. It doesn’t fold

Folding wallets are useless.  Why do wallets need to fold?  This is an old-school feature before we had better materials to construct wallets, and less imaginative minds.  For hundreds of years everyone simply followed the bifold wallet design.  A bifold wallet can certainly increase the space capacity, but we would rather simply see you downsize your wallet than require a folding one.  Every wallet on this list doesn’t have a folding option.


2. It holds several cards and cash

If you dump out your wallet right now, add up the cards you actually use on a daily basis.  I bet you it’s no more than four cards.  You have a license, an ATM card, and maybe 1-3 credit cards.  What else are you really using?  With Apple and Google Pay, you can add all your cards to your phone, and keep your main 1-3 payment cards in any of these wallets.  All of the wallets we list below hold 6+ cards, and have a separate storage spot for cash.  Virtually every other card you have can be stored in your phone as a photo to be scanned if need be.  Your medical insurance card never has to be in person, you usually just provide the numbers.  Store your membership cards in a Favorites folder on your phone that you can quickly pull up to be scanned or referenced.


3. Cards are easily accessed

 Again, we are seeking to make our lives more efficient in every pursuit and area.  So a wallet that requires figeting around to take out all your cards or sorting through them because they’re stacked on top of each other doesn’t work.  These wallets listed below all have features that allow you to easily access the cards.


4. RFID Blocking

 Because no on wants their shit stolen.  Easy enough, right?

 Alright, let’s do this Bad Larry.


1. Smartish Phone Case


Right off the bat let’s just get the phone wallet case out of the way for those who enjoy it or like it.  Does this one fold? NO IT DOESN’T FOLD.  Folding is useless.  If you’re one of those people who want to constantly fold their phone wallet cover back while using your phone, you can kick rocks.  That is crazy annoying and inefficient.  This wallet case holds three cards plus cash.  It has side corners to protect the phone, and a grippy texture.  All for $15.   This will substantially reduce your overall EDC since you’re completely ridding of a wallet, only to have a slightly thicker phone case.  Done and done.


2. Husk Men’s Wallet


This is a handsome leather wallet with 3 pockets.  It has a pull-tab to easily access cards in the main pocket, and sleeve pockets on each side for cash or some spare cards that aren’t accessed as often like a driver’s license.  This bad boy holds up to 10 cards, looks great, and has a money-back guarantee.  For $19 this is an amazing deal.


3. Andar The Pilot


I actually have the first generation of this wallet, and I absolutely love it.  This one is certainly a better version.  The main feature of this wallet is that it has a rotating wheel on the bottom corner that allows you to slide the cards out in an organized fashion with one hand.  I use it all the time when I have my kid in one arm, and the wallet in the same hand at a store so I can use my free hand to grab the card I need.  Is it necessary? No.  Does it look really freaking cool? FRICK YES, IT DOES.  It’s a nice icebreaker with a cashier when they see it happen.  I’ve had mine for almost three years now and it’s still holding up great.  It holds six cards, and you can opt for the money clip built into it (you should get it).  Their version two ships very soon, and is very handsome.


4. Dango D01 Dapper Wallet 

These guys make a bunch of really cool EDC stuff.  Their dapper wallet is very similar to the carbon fiber/steel wallets with the money clips that you’ve seen, except they have a bunch of really great styles that also include some nice-looking leather.  We aren’t against the carbon fiber or brushed aluminum look…we just think and know that leather is far better looking and cooler. It has a great texture and feel, and it will age and patina far better than carbon fiber and metals will for the most part.  This wallet pries open to easily access the cards in the main slot, and holds up to TWELVE cards so you most likely won’t need to downsize your life, brah.  It has a built in bottle opener, so it’s automatically a must-buy.  For $25 you can even buy their MT02 Multi-Tool that makes your wallet TACTICAL af.  Seriously the mult-tool has a bunch of features that can be pretty cool, as long as you remember all the stuff it has for you to actually whip that bad boy out when you need it. 


5. Dango D01 Dapper Pen Wallet


Same same, but different.  This one still allows you to use that super tactical multi-tool, but ALSO has a slot for a really cool aluminum pen.  Because let’s be honest, nothing is more dapper than always having a pen on you.  The pen is made from aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum with a pressurized ink cartridge, and the notebook included seems pretty dang nice too.  Do you need to unfold the wallet to access cards and cash? No, so I’m not lying about the folding part.  But since this has a nice notebook, you do need to unfold it to access pages.  This is great for shopping and to-do lists that will keep your phone in your pocket and not distract you off the task.

None of these wallets break the bank, and will make your life simpler, more efficient, and can keep you more productive.  Go forth and do great things.