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5 Things You Need on Your Keychain

5 Things You Need on Your Keychain 

For some reason, we are obsessed with efficiency and function.  The keychain is an essential item that gets us into doors and cars, but it can be so much more.  When we mean "more", we actually mean things that you will use, not just cool items to have.  Here's five things your keychain needs:

1. A Clip

This sounds like a "duh" item, but I'm willing to bet that you don't have one.  A keychain clip is amazing at securing your keys to surfaces or pockets in a bag or on your pants.  The clip itself is also great at "hanging" inside your pocket so it doesn't sit all jumbled and bulky at the bottom of the pocket.

There's plenty of them out there, but we like the CRKT Viva since it can hang the keys in your pocket, has a bottle opener, and the loop also allows you to have a very positive control of your keys when you wear it like a ring around the index finger.  You could certainly punch someone with it, I guess? I wouldn't be relying on that small of surface area to offer any advantage, though. it's just nice to grab and flip over and around before you get to a door.


2. A Light


Think of how often you use the light on your phone.  When you constantly have a powerful light on your keyring, I can promise you will use it a ton.  There's plenty of great lights out there, and some are cetainly larger than others.  This Nitecore light is by far the most compact light you're going to find on a keyring, and also puts out an insane amount of light.


3. A Knife

No surprise here, but if you can have a blade on your keyring it'll inevitably come in great use.  SOG makes one that's essentially a folding key.  Are you going to be able to Rambo people with this?Maybe.  But you are far more likely to cut open boxes, packaging, clean your nails, and whatever else you come across in daily life.


4. A Glowy Thing

Glowy things not only look great, but are also super useful when you're up really early to leave for work, or drop your keys somewhere at night.  There's some that have a 25 year lifespan since they're made of Tritium, but they're also pricey and some people may not want something radioactive (yet pretty safe) constantly in their pocket.  Besides, TEC makes one that's a fraction of the price and will simply glow when exposed to light for a bit.


5. A Tracker

What good are your keys and all the great tools on there if you can't find them?  Orbitkey and Chipolo did a collaboration tracker for your keyring that works with their keyholders, and is also a very streamlined shape that fits in your pocket nicely.  Tile and Chipolo make their own keyring trackers, but they're square or circular and won't sit as flush or flat in your pocket.  If you use the Orbitkey version, you can also end up buying the Chipolo wallet card tracker as well.

There you have it.  Five essential items on your keychain to increase the productivity and cool factor of your life. Stay Frosty.