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10 Minutes to Better Sleep & Bigger Balls

10 Minutes to Better Sleep & Bigger Balls


It wasn't just clickbait.  A study measured the size of men's testicles in correlation to how long they slept.  Those who slept 8 hours a night had significantly larger testicles than when they slept five hours.  Regardless of gender, we all know sleep deprivation is not good for our health, we need simple actions that can increase the

  1. Quality of sleep and the
  2. Duration of sleep.  


While we are a coffee company that benefits on people being tired, we don't want people drinking more coffee than they have to.  You should be enjoying your coffee, instead of chugging it just to function.  We are here to help you live healthier and crush all your goals.  

Get to the tip(s)...

Okay, enough of the ranting.  Below are SOME sleep tips that will definitely help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and have more energy and better recovery.



 1. Dump the Heat

  • You need a thermal dump for your body to fall asleep the fastest
  • This is why people fall asleep faster with socks on: it draws heat AWAY from your body's core and to the feet
  1. So either wear socks to bed, or put down an extra blanket at your feet.
  • Take a hot shower before bed, even if it's fast.  The hot water brings heat to the surface of your skin and drains it from? You guessed it: your body's core temp.

2. Dump the blue light

  • All the light from regular lightbulbs and electronics disrupt your Circadian Rhythm to fall asleep at the right time.
  • People spend big money on wifi color lightbulbs.  You could do this...OR, you can simply buy a pair of cheap orange lens glasses on Prime for $8 on Amazon.
  • Wear those lenses 2 hours prior to bed: set your Bedtime Reminder on your phone to remind you to put them on.

3. Black it out

  • Your room needs to be underground silo dark.  Even a tiny LED light on a charging device will pierce through your eyelids and again, further disrupt your Circadian Rhythm.
  • Black out your windows with curtains, cardboard, whatever you need.  
  • Put electrical or duct tape over all the small little lights in your room like chargers, humidifiers, and TV's.
  • Another option is to simply buy a very good eye mask that'll block all light.  You'll most likely get used to wearing it quickly

4. Drown it out

  • If you live in a noisy neighborhood, even the slightest of sounds are disrupting your Stage 3 and 4 of REM sleep that helps your brain and body recover.
  • 20 pairs of 33-34db purple foam ear plugs are $10 and block out a TON of noise.
  • People will spend money on noise machines, but if you also have a fan, that will often do the trick.
  • If you live in a dead silent area and don't have members of the household waking up before you and making noise, then you're already set!

5. Stop the sedatives 

  • Just because it helps you FALL asleep, it does not mean you are sleeping better.
  • Alcohol, weed/THC, sleep medications like Ambien, Lunesta, Unisom, NyQuil, Benadryl are all sedatives that severely impact your deep sleep.  They only "knock you out".
  • Our CBD coffee was made to actually help you sleep better.  CBD helps you on a genetic level to deal with sleep deprivation better, on top of increasing deep sleep.

6. Smash it out

  • Do what the best athletes in the world do to fall asleep: smash tissues
  • Hard foam rolling and smashing tissues with lacrosse balls and bars activate the parasympathetic nervous system to wind you down and relax.  This will help you fall asleep in a much healthier way than sedatives. 

7. Breathe, Monica!

  • Take even a few minutes to sit at the edge of the bed or laying down to breathe deep, slow, and intently.
  • We like the Headspace App or Calm because it simply tells us what to do. But you don't need an app...
  • You can do Box Breathing for free!  Do a 4 second inhale through your nose, hold the breath for 4 seconds, exhale out of your mouth for 4 seconds, and pause without breathing for 4 seconds.  You can slowly increase all of these, or only increase the duration of breath hold and exhale as well!


We''ll stop at 7 tips for now.  Try even one of these and we guarantee you'll sleep and feel better.  We have way more up our sleeves for sleep tips because we are absolute research and health nerds.  

Have any other health, productivity, and performance health hacks you want to see or want to share? SEND IT! We are a community, and we are here for you.