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Coffee Crafted with Purpose


I used to drink 3 Trenta cold brews a day + hot coffee. Your coffee has cut down my consumption because it gets me super wired. I feel ON IT the entire day.  When I need to go into work mode, one Yeti of Yirg is enough, it's f*cking insane"


 At first, Day 1, it was phenomenal. But I was sure it was definitely placebo effecting myself cause the words “nootropics in coffee” (?!!!!!) automatically set high expectations for this coffee in my head. But. Day 2,3,4....this coffee is legit!!!!!! I usually do 2-3 cups a day, I may cut back. I'm so f*cking wired off of one. In a good way.

Leslie A.

"Truest Tanz tastes amazing and gives me the most unique caffeine kick and simultaneous mellow out. I will gladly buy a few hundred dollars worth. Love it

Nick P.

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