Frequently asked coffee Questions


What  is single origin coffee?

Single Origin means that the coffee was grown from a certain area/region/country.  An example would be Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Irgachefe) is a town in Ethiopia that produces great coffee.  Another example would be Huila, an area of southern Colombia.  Both of these coffees produce  different notes, flavors, and aromas.

So then what is a blended coffee?

A blend is exactly what it sounds like: multiple coffees mixed together to create a combined coffee product.

What's bad about blends?

There are good things about blends, just to be clear.  But they require a lot of work and knowledge.  Coffees from different origins extract (brew) differently.  If you combine three different coffees to make a blend, and you brew a few cups, they are going to have different levels of solubility and extraction.  Most of the time you end up not optimally getting the right flavors from any three of those coffees.  So blending different beans is not as simple as 1+1.  

Blends are often used to hide the coffee's ratio or makeup.  A "base" coffee is often used which is generally a bland coffee that doesn't have any outstanding or bold flavors/notes.  This is also the cheapest.  Roasters will also often use a green (raw) bean that is nearing its shelf life and just throw it in so it doesn't go to waste.  A good blend should be transparent in the makeup or ratio of the coffees used.  This is very rare, and if you see it, you can be assured it's probably worthwhile.

Most companies will also just blend all of the involved coffees at the same time, instead of individually roasting each coffee at a time to bring out the best profile.  

We like Single Origin coffees because they already have their own amazing attributes, flavors, and nuances.  We believe in Quality Above All Else, and transparency with our customers.  For these reasons and the ones previously listed, we only aim to bring you high quality Single Origin Coffee.

why don't you sell kcups?

There are several reasons why we don't make or sell KCups.  The first and main reason is that KCups cannot produce a good cup of coffee.  A KCup only holds about 10 grams of coffee.  In order for the right ratio of beans:coffee to occur, you'd only be able to make about 5-6oz. of coffee with 10g for drip coffee.  Those machines also do not reach the optimal temperature range needed to brew good coffee.  They max out at around 190 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of the 195-205 degrees needed.  They're also incredibly wasteful for the environment.  The only upside to KCups is that they are incredibly fast and convenient.  But you can still brew amazing coffee in a matter of minutes with ease and no requirement for a crazy amount of coffee equipment or knowledge.

what's the difference between supercharged and whole bean?

Our Supercharged Alpha Brew Coffee is ground coffee infused with supplements.  Our whole bean Alpha Brew Coffee is simply that: whole bean, single origin coffee.


can i brew the supercharged stuff in my coffee drip machine?

Yes you can.  But unless you dropped some hefty cash, your coffee machine is seriously lacking in its ability to make good coffee.  Either way, we would recommend you buy medium grind Supercharged Alpha Brew Coffee.  

how should i make my coffee?

We are fans of the Aeropress, the manual pourover method, and the french press.


do you recommend any automatic coffee makers?

Anything that the SCAA Approves is worthwhile.  We prefer the Bonavita 1800 or 1900, the Chemex Ottomatic, any Technivorm Moccamaster, or a Ratio 8.