Coffee has been around for thousands of years. It's amazing stuff, and we love it.  We wouldn't be able to get anything done without it. But coffee certainly has its downfalls.  At best, it only lasts about 2-4 hours and provides jittery energy, followed by a gnarly crash that you either suffer through or chug more coffee.  Most coffee drinkers end up drinking far more coffee in order to keep the energy supply going, only to become desensitized to caffeine.


Alpha Brew™ is our answer to coffee.

Alpha Brew™ is a cold brew coffee that uses a proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins in order to provide 3x longer energy on a single cup.  The energy is jitter-free with far better focus and no crash. This is all delivered through a stout tap for a rich, creamy pour with no dairy and no sugar. 

We offer Alpha Brew™ as a keg delivery service to gyms, offices, and coffee junkies who want it in their home.  We are able to provide all the equipment necessary.  

You can currently find Alpha Brew at the following public locations:

Crossfit Redzone- Newtown, CT

Crossfit Tritown- Newtown, CT

Crossfit Strongtown- Southbury, CT

Crossfit Danbury- Danbury, CT

We currently service in Fairfield County, CT area. We'd love to setup a FREE coffee tasting for you and your members. We also sponsor in house gym events and competitions!

Please email us for more info on pricing and availability.